Kitchen's Square was founded in 1995 by business community to Enterprise Co., Ltd., 2001 registration of changes in the department store industry's first 19 years of hard work, the design and development from the sale of goods to, in order to meet market and consumer demand, the company founder is practice hearts ideal product quality, brand resolutely towards the road

In 2000, we registered our first brand “K&H”, it means kitchen & house. three years later, the second brand “Linox” was born out.
In order to improve the quality and strengthen the market competitiveness, our main products are made in Taiwan. We do not advertise on TV in order to maintain the prime cost.
Some of our special products are protected by patents, and before selling, we do non-toxic test by SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.), to protect customers and let them feel relieved to use.